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​Welcome to our Dorothy in Wonderland Musical page.

It has been four years since we had our last school play production and we are beginning plans for our second school play, Dorothy in Wonderland.

Auditions will begin Nov 3! Stay tuned to the announcements.

All actors who will be auditioning need to learn one song (see below) and memorize a poem of your choice (6 lines or more)
If you are auditioning for: Dorothy, Alice, Glinda/Flowers please learn song20--> Back to where it all began

                                          King of Hearts/Queen of Hearts, please learn song 13--> The executioner

                                           Wizard/Mad Hatter/Caterpillar, please learn song 15--> A Mad Adventure

                                           Cheshire Cat and any other role not listed,  please lear song 16--> Everyone has got to be somewhere

                                           White Rabbit/Tin Man/Lion/Scarecrow, learn song 2--> White Rabbit

Songs and Lyrics