Our school is holding our 8th annual science fair this year. On this page you will find information and resources that you may find useful in completing your science fair project.

Simcoe Science and Technology Fair

Click here for the link to the rules and resources that you can find on the official fair's webpage

What is the scientific process?

Click on the following link to view information on what is the scientific process. 

What is the Engineering Design Process?

If you are into STEM and building / creating new things, then you can view the following link to the engineering design process.  This will explain the process of creating something new or improving on something already created. 

What does a science fair project look like?

You can look here to view what a science fair project looks like?

Science Fair Project Ideas

You can click on the following links to go to some webpages with science fair ideas.

Ideas #1 Ideas #2 Ideas #3 Ideas #4 Ideas #5

Science Fair Booklets

Here you can find science fair booklets that can help you in following an organized step by step process. Although these booklets are for different science fairs, they can be helpful as a guide. 


Science Fair Booklet.pdf