Science Fair Information

Links for science fair information

Link to the Simcoe County Science Fair (information and rules on the science fair)

Links to organizers students could use to organize their thoughts/ideas*1don1rx*_ga*MjA2NDUyMzk2NS4xNjY4NjEzNTUx*_ga_RRS3XS180R*MTY3MDI1ODA5My4zLjAuMTY3MDI1ODA5My4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.264475146.463782665.1670179180-2064523965.1668613551

Links to Booklets or planning guides / gives an overall explanation of the different steps in creating a project

Links to science fair ideas

Things to remember:

  1. Can you actually do the activity based on what you have at home? 

  2. Some things may cost money to purchase, others ideas don’t, keep in mind any budget

  3. Do you have enough time to create / complete your idea?  Time is always moving. 

  4. Is your idea actually a science fair idea or is it more of a report or demonstration.  A science fair project follows the scientific method.  

  5. Try to remember that the best science fair projects are trying to answer a question AND is someone important or useful for others to know.  For example, What type of soil is best for growing a tomato plant? (soil A, soil B or soil C).  In the end was one better? Or maybe one was better but another type had better tasting tomatoes or better looking tomatoes? Is this important for someone to know? Why?  A lot of questions can be answered with a simple experiment.